Tamas Menyhart was born in Budapest ( Hungary ) on September 29, 1982 and was raised in Belgium. At the age of 11, the movie _Bloodsport (1988)_ starring " Jean-Claude Van Damme " inspired him to study Martial Arts and to become an actor in Hollywood. From that point on, Tamas started to lift weights and study Martial Arts. Tamas is a Black Belt Martial Artist, with 16 years of experience, was trained by European and World Champions. He does Full Contact, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kenpo-Jujitsu (Shootfighting), Taekwondo and also Aikido. He also does his own stunts and the choreography for his fight scenes.

Tamas also speaks 4 languages. He's fluent in French, Hungarian, English, and Spanish.

At only 18 years old, he followed his dreams and moved to the United States with no money in his pocket, but a huge determination and ambition to succeed as an actor.

While working 3 jobs and still training 6 days a week, 3 hours a day, he soon became active in the entertainment industry. Determined to improve his acting skills, Tamas started taking acting classes 4 times weekly. Always wanted to be versatile and play different characters; he does Drama, Comedy, Romance, Science-Fiction, but has a specialty which is "'Action - Martial Arts'".

He currently resides in Los Angeles and his career is really starting to take off by keeping on showing his acting skills and incredible Martial Arts skills.